Work-Study Program

Gain experience and pay your tuition at the same time!

The Federal Work-Study Program is a federally funded program and the Utah Education Scholarly Stipend (UESS) Work-Study program is funded by the State of Utah. These programs assist students who demonstrate financial need as defined by the Federal Government. The Financial Aid Office awards work-study on the basis of financial need and to as many participants as yearly work-study allotments allow.

Criteria for eligibility to receive work-study:

  • Show financial need
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) while employed
  • Maintain minimum enrollment of 9.0 degree seeking credit hours
Financial Need

Financial need is defined as total cost of your educational expenses minus the amount of money you, and your parents (if dependent), are expected to contribute to those costs as determined by the Federal Government and all financial aid (scholarships, Pell Grant, student loans, etc.) you are receiving. If you receive additional financial aid after the work-study award is granted, your award will be revised. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the permanency of your work-study position.


A student must be registered for 9.0 graded, degree seeking credit hours at all times. Audits and W’s do not count towards the 9.0 hour requirement. If you drop below the 9.0 hour requirement, you need to contact your supervisor immediately and inform them you are no longer eligible to work and are forfeiting your work-study position.

If you receive notification from the Financial Aid Office that you are currently suspended from financial aid, you must stop working immediately and inform your supervisor of your suspension status. Financial aid suspension means you are no longer eligible to receive work-study funds in addition to Pell Grants and loans.

Pay Periods

All work-study employees will be paid twice each month, on the 15th and the last day of each month. Should either of those days fall on either a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, the student employee will be paid on the prior business day. Generally, time card approvals are due by the 6th and 21st of the month by 5:00 p.m. Make sure you report your hours to your supervisor prior to the 6th and 21st.


Student employees need to notify their supervisor in advance when they will be late for work or absent.

Reasons for Termination

It is important that you understand that you are considered an at-will employee and can be terminated at any time. Immediate termination will occur for any of the following reasons:

  • Working under the influence of alcohol, stimulants, or any other drugs
  • Missing work for two consecutive days without notifying your supervisor
  • Reporting more hours than you actually work
  • Forging your supervisor’s signature
  • Violating Utah Tech University’s policy on confidentiality of student, department, and Utah Tech University records
  • Working during a scheduled class/exam even if the class/exam is cancelled or dismissed early
  • Failing to perform your duties and responsibilities as outlined by your supervisor
Earning Your Award

You may not earn more than the amount approved on your work-study contract. Your supervisor will be notified monthly of your earnings to date and remaining eligibility. You have the responsibility, along with your supervisor to track your earnings.


If you are injured while at work, please report immediately to your supervisor. If you need to seek medical treatment, you need to go to the following clinic:

IHC WorkMed Clinic
385 N. 3050 E.
Saint George, UT 84790

Phone: 435-251-2630

If it is after 5:30 p.m. on a weekday or between the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday or Sunday, you should go to the following clinic:

River Road InstaCare
577 S. River Road
Saint George, UT 84790

Phone: 435-688-6300

We have contracted with these clinics to handle all our worker’s compensation injuries. No appointment is needed. All that is necessary is for the student to report that they have been injured while working at Utah Tech. Please do not go to your personal doctor for this initial visit or to the Emergency Room unless the injury is life threatening.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help as this shows you are willing to learn. It is better to admit you don’t know something than to give someone incorrect information.

If you are being threatened or dealing with a hostile person, please contact Utah Tech University Police immediately. For all other problems, such as an uncomfortable work environment or if you are being harassed, please report the problem to your supervisor. If you do not feel comfortable reporting to your supervisor, please contact Jasmine Reese through Email: jasmine.reese@utahtech.edu or Phone: 435-652-7577. All information will be kept confidential. We do not want you to work in an uncomfortable environment.

Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

In order to maintain SAP, each semester you must pass 67% of all attempted credits while maintaining a semester and cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of 2.00.

Students employed through the America Reads Initiative must maintain a semester and cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above. The only exception to this policy is if a student has transfer credit from another institution that drops the cumulative GPA below 3.00. The student is then required to maintain a Utah Tech University cumulative GPA above 3.00 or higher.

  • Students may hold only one work-study position at any time.
  • Students may not hold a work-study position and a campus student hourly position at the same time.
  • Students may not work in the same department as a relative.
  • Students are not allowed to work during scheduled class/exam hours even if class/exam is cancelled or dismissed early.
  • Receipt of an “I” grade makes you ineligible for financial aid for the following semester, including work study. Therefore, until the letter grade is posted and you receive notification from the Financial Aid Office that you are eligible to receive financial aid, you are restricted from working.
Student Dress Code

Our objective in establishing a dress code is to allow students to work comfortably in the workplace yet project a professional image at Utah Tech and to the community. Because all casual clothing is not suitable for the workplace, these guidelines will help you determine the appropriate attire to wear to work. Your supervisor, however, has the right to adjust these guidelines as they deem suitable.

Clothing that reveals too much cleavage, back, chest, stomach, leg, or underwear is not appropriate for the workplace. Clothing should not be wrinkled, torn, dirty, or frayed. Any clothing that has words, terms, or pictures that may be offensive to others is not appropriate attire, such as graphic t-shirts or clothing with another school’s logo. Unacceptable clothing/footwear includes but is not limited to mini-skirts/dresses, shorts, cut-offs, extremely low-rise jeans, tank tops, halter-tops, pajama bottoms, slippers, and flip-flops.

We suggest nice shirts/tops and slacks or nice jeans. We encourage students to wear Utah Tech logo apparel when possible and urge students to wear red on Friday.


Please discourage friends and family from visiting or calling you at work unless it is an emergency. Please do not surf the internet, play computer games, get on Facebook, or talk on your cell phone while at work. College work-study does not mean it is a job that pays you to do homework. Work-study is a regular job with normal duties and responsibilities that give you valuable work experience.

Confidentiality of Student/Employee Records

Follow these guidelines to prevent pressure on yourself concerning access to records:

  • Do not let friends, relatives, or acquaintances know you have access to confidential data. If they ask specific questions, the standard answer is “I don’t know.”
  • Do not use computer terminals or files for any purpose other than to perform functions assigned to you by your supervisor
  • Report to your supervisor anyone’s attempt to gain unauthorized access to information.
Giving Notice

If possible, departments appreciate you giving notice of your plan to end your employment.

Public Relations

Take pride in your position at Utah Tech University. The impression you make may influence the attitude of visitors. Listen carefully and give clear and polite responses. Call people by their first names if possible. Be considerate of other’s feelings.


Jasmine Reese

Financial Aid Work-Study Coordinator

Email: Jasmine.Reese@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7577

Office: Holland Centennial Commons 1st Floor