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Protecting your personal information is our priority. To that end, we highly recommend that you DO NOT send any documents that contain personal identity information (tax forms, marriage certificates, etc.) through email as it is not secure and highly susceptible to security breaches.

Verify My FAFSA

The Financial Aid office is utilizing a new online tool for the processing of verification and other related requirements. If you have not already done so, please activate your account at utahtech.studentforms.com. This tool will allow you to upload required documents, e-sign, and receive timely updates via text message (opt-in) and email when requirements need to be completed.


Request for Re-evaluation

Complete and submit this form to request any changes to your financial aid award, (i.e. accept awards, cancel awards and reduce loan amounts) or to request additional loan amounts from remaining loan eligibility.

2023-2024 Request for Re-Evaluation

2024-2025 Request for Re-Evaluation


Summer Aid Request

This form is only required if you are needing to request loan funds for Summer semester. PELL Grant eligibility is automatically calculated. The form should be submitted no later than June 15 to be considered for aid eligibility.

2024 Summer Aid Request

Appeal for Dependency Override

This form is for those students who DO NOT meet the federal criteria for Independent Status as outlined in theĀ  FAFSA, but who want their unique circumstances reviewed in order to be considered an Independent Student for financial aid purposes. Be advised, you must complete all sections of this appeal before it will be reviewed.

2023-2024 Appeal for Dependency Override

2024-2025 Appeal for Dependency Override





Financial Aid Reinstatement Request

This form is for those students who graduated with their associate or bachelor degree and would like to continue their education and receive financial aid. Students who applied at the beginning of the year but did not attend and would now like to attend beginning mid-year also need to complete this form.

2023-2024 Financial Aid Reinstatement Request

2024-2025 Financial Aid Reinstatement Request


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals

If you did not meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements to continue to receive financial aid, you may appeal your financial aid suspension by completing the appropriate appeal form below. Be advised, you should also submit supporting documentation with your appeal or it will not be reviewed. If your appeal is approve, you must abide by ALL the conditions outlined in your academic plan to remain eligible for future financial aid.


Authorization to Credit Account

This form is required from all students receiving Federal Student Loans at Utah Tech University.


Appeal for Special Circumstances

If you or your family have special circumstances that need to be taken into account for consideration of financial aid, you must this form along with appropriate documentation (see form for details) before the appeal can be considered. Also, if your current financial aid application has not been verified, this process must be completed before you appeal will be considered.

2023-2024 Appeal for Special Circumstances

2024-2025 Appeal for Special Circumstances – Coming Soon!


Confirmation of Independent Status

Documentation to confirm independent status is now available at utahtech.studentforms.com.

PLUS Loan Information Form

If a parent is interested in applying for a Direct Parent PLUS loan, the parent is required to complete this Loan Information Form. Please submit this form to our office by mail or fax. Our contact information is on the form.

2023-2024 PLUS Loan Information Form

2024-2025 PLUS Loan Information Form


Consortium Agreement

This form is for students who are taking course work at two schools during the same semester while working towards their degree. This form should be submitted within the first 3 weeks of the semester. Be advised, we cannot complete a consortium agreement with all schools. Please visit our office if you have any questions.


Student Refunds

If you have a student refund from Utah Tech University, it will be deposited to your selected refund preference. To select your refund preference, login to your My UT account, select “Student”, then “Student Account”, then “Student Refunds”.

Consent to Release Student Information

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law which protects the privacy of student education records. Under FERPA, a student must give written permission to have another individual, including parents, guardians or spouse access to their Utah Tech University information. If you would like to waive your FERPA rights and allow another’s to have access to all your education records, you must complete and submit this form. Please read the form carefully. Signing the form outside of the presence of a Utah Tech University Official will automatically void the form.