Financial Aid

Graduate Student Aid

The following is a list of possible financial aid resources for funding your graduate education. This list is not exhaustive however. It is recommended you also speak to your desired academic program about other possible resources. Please note that Graduate students are not eligible for Federal Pell Grant funds.

Scholarships & Assistantships


Business Department Scholarship Application — MAcc Program

Master of Healthcare Administration Scholarship

Masters of Nursing Scholarship

College of SET Masters Scholarship



Technical Writing and Digital Rhetoric, M.A. – Graduate Assistant

Contact your academic program for questions about other possible program specific funding opportunities:

Master of Accountancy


Phone: 435-879-4996

Office: 305 Udvar-Hazy Building

Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy


Phone: 435-652-7881

Office: McDonald 2nd Floor

Masters of Athletic Training (MAT)


Phone: 435-652-7980

Office: HPC 347

Technical Writing & Digital Rhetoric, M.A.


Phone: 435-652-7815

Office: Holland 465


Work Study

Work-study provides students a way to pay for school through a part-time job on campus. After a student submits their FAFSA application, they can apply for a work-study position if they have unmet needs based on the results of their FAFSA application. The Federal Work-Study Program is authorized and funded by the Federal Government, and only the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office may award Utah Tech Work-study funds. Eligible students will receive their Work-study award as part of their total financial aid award only after they have received a work-study job offer.

Program Contact Information:

Jasmine Reese

Financial Aid Work-Study Coordinator


Phone: 435-652-7577

Office: Holland Centennial Commons 1st Floor

Work-Study Program


Graduate student loan options include both Federal and Private loans. It is recommended that students research the various lending options available to determine which best fits their individual needs.

Explore Federal Student Loans

Explore Private Student Loans

For questions regarding student loan options, please contact the financial aid office.



FAFSA School Code: 003671

Financial Aid Office


Phone: 435-652-7575

Office: Holland 180

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